Add Phone Number (Number Currently Exists)

Published: 17th July 2017

This guide will show you how to add a phone number and replace one which already exists on a constituent’s record.

Step 1

Phone numbers can be added to a constituent’s record directly on the Bio 1 tab, in the contact details section in the bottom right.

Step 2

Under the Telephone Numbers tab, first select the Type of phone number you are entering (e.g. Home Tel, Mobile).

Do not call any number that has a phone type starting ‘TPS’ unless you have explicit permission. If this person has called in, please ask them if they give us permission to call and record their response in RE (using the TPS consent constituent attribute).

Step 3

Under Number, add the full telephone number without spaces or special characters. The Primary box does not need to be ticked for telephone numbers, only email.

Step 4

If the new phone number is replacing a previous number of the constituent, we need to amend the details of the old number. Under Type, choose the appropriate option (e.g. Former Mobile) and then tick the Inactive? box which will prevent this number being visible (unless you tick Show inactive phones and emails beneath).

Step 5

Once you have finished editing this constituent’s record, ensure you click on Save and Close.