DDAR Acronyms

Published: 27th February 2020

The table below contains a list of acronyms used regularly by DDAR colleagues. If you think of any that are missing please contact Barry.

Acronym Full Name
AAB Alumni Advisory Board
ACED Alliance of Cancer Early Detection
AMA Ask Me Anything (Medicine’s online mentoring) or Ask Me About (Manchester Network)
AMBS Alliance Manchester Business School
AVP Associate Vice President
BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
BEH Behind the Scenes events
BRC Biomedical Research Centre
BRC (Manchester) Biomedical Research Centre
CASE Council for Advancement and Support of Education
CF Crowdfunding
CHTM Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine
CMI Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research
CoP Celebration of Philanthropy
CRL Cockcroft Rutherford Lecture
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRUK MI Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute
DDAR Division of Development and Alumni Relations
DDBM Division of Developmental Biology and Medicine
DDEC Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology
DLHE Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (now replaced by GO)
DM Direct Mail
DNI Dalton Nuclear Institute
DO Development Officer
DOFA Director of Faculty Administration
DSE Directorate for the Student Experience
DTY Donor Thank You Event
E&D Equality and Diversity
E&M Equity and Merit Scholarships
EAC English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing
EEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering
FB Fundraiser’s Breakfast
FBMH Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
FoH Faculty of Humanities
FSE Faculty of Science and Engineering (Previously known as EPS – Engineering and Physical Sciences)
GDI Global Development Institute
GEIC Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre
GG Global Graduates (International work experience programme)
GLB Global Leadership Board
GOG Gift Oversight Group
GOS Graduate Outcomes Survey
HCRI Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute
HKFUM Hong Kong Foundation for the University of Manchester
HoS Head of School
HoSA Head of School Admin
HSRC Health Services Research Centre
IDAM Identity and Access Management
IDPM Institute for Development Policy and Management
IGRR Information Governance Risk Review
IPOW In Place of War
JRRI John Rylands Research Institute
KB Knowledge Base (IT Services)
LEL Linguistics and English Language
LN London Network Events
M2020 Manchester 2020 – Strategic Vision
MACE Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
MAHSC Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
MAP Manchester Access Programme
MBA Master’s in Business Administration
MCCB Manchester Centre for Cancer Biomarkers
MCI Manchester China Institute
MCRC Manchester Cancer Research Centre
MEC Masood Enterprise Centre (formerly Manchester Enterprise Centre)
MECD Manchester Engineering Campus Development
MEnt Master of Enterprise
MFF My Future Fest (Careers Service Fair)
MIB Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
MICRA Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing
MIoIR Manchester Institute of Innovation Research
MMF Managing My Future (Welcome Week Careers events)
MMU Manchester Meet Ups (Work experience programme)
MMU Manchester Metropolitan University
MRC Medical Research Council
MRI Manchester Royal Infirmary
MTP Meet the Professionals (speed networking events)
MUI Manchester Urban Institute
N&MH Neuroscience and Mental Health
NAFUM North American Foundation for The University of Manchester
NGI National Graphene Institute
NIHR National Institute of Health Research
NPS Net Promoter Score
NSS National Students’ Survey
OAA Outstanding Alumni Awards
OCRB Oglesby Cancer Research Building
OLX Online Express
OMG Our Manchester Graduates (career profile handouts)
P&VC President and Vice-Chancellor
PDR Performance and Development Review
PGP President Garden Party Event
PRP Paterson Redevelopment Project
PS Professional Services
PSLT Professional Services Leadership Team
PW Purple Wave
RM Relationship Manager
SALC School of Arts, Languages and Cultures
SBDC Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre
SBS School of Biological Sciences (Previously known as FLS Faculty of Life Sciences)
SCI Sustainable Consumption Institute
SDO Senior Development Officers
SEAES School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Studies
SEED School of Environment, Education and Development
SIS Student Information Systems
SLD Staff Learning and Development
SLT Speech and Language Therapy
SLT Senior Leadership Team
SMLT Senior Management and Leadership Team
SMT Senior Management Team
SOSS School of Social Sciences
SoYF Start of Year Fair
SRFT Salford Royal Foundation Trust
SRID Student Recruitment & International Development
SU Students’ Union
SYP Start Up your Future (careers exhibition)
UCU University Colleges Union
UKRPIF The UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, funders of PRP
UMFT or MFT University of Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
UMI3 The University of Manchester Innovation Company
UMIP University of Manchester Intellectual Property
UMIST The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
UMITL University of Manchester Institute for Teaching and Learning
UMRI University of Manchester Research Institute
UoM University of Manchester
UUK Universities UK
VC Vice-Chancellor
VT Vital Topics (Business School Events)
WEI Work and Equalities Institute
WFH Working from Home
WIS Weizmann Institute of Science
WP Widening Participation
YMI Your Manchester Insights events series
YMUSA Your Manchester USA